Donors are superheroes

Donors save lives, which is, incidentally, what real superheroes do. Simple message, perfectly executed for this campaign from the government of the State of Ceará, Brasil. Advertisements

Youtube aims to improve comments by requiring Google+ account

In a recent statement, Youtube said that they wanted to improve the comments on the video and to reduce spam. One way of doing this is to make commenting via your Google +… Continue reading

Youtube launches new royalty-free music platform

Well-known songs can be a pain in the *ss for Youtube users, since they are often bound to royalties and artists that claim their copyright. As of now, it is not legal to… Continue reading

Superb new commercial by Mercedez-Benz

I CANNOT stop laughing at this new Mercedez-Benz commercial. They took some chickens, yes – chickens, as a metaphor for the car’s ‘magic body control’. Take that image + a classic song from… Continue reading

Dental Care ad

What better way to express your dental care company then by making such an ad? 🙂

Creative crosswalk ad by Mr. Proper

Very original and creative crosswalk campaign by Mr. Proper cleaning services, as they show you exactly how clean their products can get!  It’s so simple yet so effective. Kudos to their marketing people!

Internet Explorer = slower

This image has been circulating the internet for the last couple of days, and I have to admit, it’s brilliant and super funny 🙂 It’s not necessarely an ad for a company, more… Continue reading

The success of iTunes Radio

I wonder if Spotify is afraid of iTunes Radio, now that the first numbers have been released. Since the release of iOS7 last week (where iTunes Radio is installed for free), almost 11… Continue reading

Documentaries and films

Throughout the years, many documentaries and films have touched the subjects of marketing, social media, technology and Web 2.0. I’m trying to gather a list here, so if you’re interested you can watch… Continue reading

Revamped sayings of the Internet era

Throughout time, mankind has developed a wide range of sayings to describe every day life. I recently saw this picture which took these old sayings and adapted them slightly so they fit in… Continue reading

Samsung reacts to iPhone 5S announcement

So recently Apple announced their new iPhone 5S, or actually announced two phones (also the iPhone 5C, the budget version of the phone). Samsung responded by placing this message on their shop window… Continue reading

iPhone 5S prank

A few days ago, I posted a video of Jimmy Kimmel doing a prank with the Twerk video. He has done another prank this week, and this is even funnier. He went out… Continue reading

Up in the air

Lately, Drones aren’t really looked at as a positive development if you follow the news. Most of us are afraid that they endanger privacy. For example, your neighbour could launch a drone while… Continue reading

Viral video “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” is fake

Jimmy Kimmell rules! The video of “Worst Twerk Fail Ever”, that went viral on the internet last week with over 10 million views, proves to be fake. In fact, it’s not only fake,… Continue reading

‘Save A Heart’, interactive Facebook campaign by Philips

Philips wants to raise awareness about reanimation and the usage of AED’s, because the survival chance of the victim is increased by 50% if quick help is being offered. The Facebook campaign has… Continue reading

‘Every Angle Matters’ by Volkswagen

Great new ad by Volkswagen, as they show WHY every angle matters!

LG Ultra Reality Meteor Prank

Definitely fake, but really funny and 120% creative! The newest LG commercial shows a room where the candidate has the job interview. However, they replaced the window with a large LG tv with… Continue reading

In Memoriam

Windows took over Nokia, as you might have read. R.I.P. Nokia phones, you served me well (especially you, 3310)!

How much does the internet weigh?

Internet is unimaginably large, billions and trillions of electrons, so how much does it exactly weigh? Can we even measure it? Well, we can. Believe or not, the internet in total weighs as… Continue reading

Pedigree – for stronger teeth

The simple tagline that Pedigree uses in their commercials (“Gives your dog stronger teeth”) was often used in a basic way. Over the last few years, they released a couple of commercials containing… Continue reading

The Nokia Takeover

In case you missed it, Microsoft took over a large part of Nokia this week. This may seem like a gamechanging thing, but in all honesty, they are but dwarfs in the current… Continue reading

Like Father, Like Sun

I love this advertisement for the Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet! I don’t have the explain the wordplay, but I thought it was really clever and creative in relation to their cabriolet cars.    

Is it time for a Smartwatch?

This week, the pictures and specifications of the new Samsung Smartwatch leaked on the internet. The watch contains some cool features and specifications which we haven’t seen before. At least, not in watches.… Continue reading

Kindness pays off

Even though this is not really an advertisement (it’s not from a brand), I really like the idea behind it. Being kind to someone gets you to places, and in this case, gets… Continue reading

From ‘Fat’ to ‘Fit’

I love this creative ad by a gym! From fat to fit!

Mc Donalds street art

Nikon face recognition

Amazing add by Nikon!

Daring Mercedes-Benz commercial

This video went viral on the internet when it was first released. It was a new commercial by Mercedes-Benz. As it turns out it was a group of students that shot the video… Continue reading

The dangers of the so-called ‘selfie’

The term selfie is one of those words that originated on the internet back in 2005. It’s a picture that was made by pointing the camera on yourself and shooting a picture. Especially Instagram… Continue reading

The #TrueReveal Twitter campaign by Avicii.

The idea With the evergrowing popularity of Twitter, some artists have found an unique way of reaching and engaging the audience via this medium. For his new album release, set for September 17th,… Continue reading

Introducing Sociality

Dear visitors of Sociality. Welcome to this newly founded blog, dated August 2013. On this blog, I’ll be writing about everything related to social media, marketing, communication and its influence on the society. Because of… Continue reading

Introducing the author

First off, hello & welcome to my blog! I’m a 24 year old guy named Ruud from The Netherlands, what’s there more to say? Well, I love the internet, that’s for sure. Ever since… Continue reading

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